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We have a GPS service in Aberdeen 

We will provide you with login details so you can see exactly where the car has been and where it is going.

GPS car or vehicle tracking aids us in finding out exactly where the target is, or at least where their car is. In order to do this we attach a magnetic GPS device to the car, out of sight, and track the car’s location using satellite navigation.

However, if you prefer, we can monitor this for you and update you as to the vehicle’s whereabouts.  There is an extra cost for this service.

We understand that you are looking for the truth and/or proof of infidelity.  GPS tracking will help you find this. What you choose to do with this information is of course up to you.

Your marriage may well be salvaged by confronting your cheating partner and making them aware that you have firm proof.  This information may well give you an advantage should your case ever go to court.

We believe that using the GPS car-tracking service will give you peace of mind if there is any doubt as to what your partner is up to.

How would GPS car tracking help me with my cheating spouse? A GPS tracking device, magnetically deployed under the car, will monitor and record all the addresses including postcodes, date time and duration that the car was in those areas. In addition to this you are able to discreetly login to a website and you will be able to monitor, live,  the movements of the car, with virtually no knowledge of computers. At the end of you GPS tracking renting period we will provide you with all of the data that the tracker has recorded, address postcodes etc.

Confrontation is always better than remaining idle and waiting for your cheating spouse to correct themselves. They may even be brainwashed by the other person to leave you. Remaining idle will not do anything good for you, when you decide to confront them you will more than likely end up having better self esteem.

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